25 CT Slide Box

Microscope Slide Box Blue, cork, 25 -place [Each] SKU S.MSB-25-Blue
Microscope Slide Box   25/Count, Green, cork, [Each] SKU S.MSB-25-GREEN
Premium Microscope Slide Box 25 Place, Cork, Red, [Each] SKU S.MSB-25-RED
Microscope Slide Box   25/Count, White, cork, [Each] SKU S.MSB-25-WHITE
Microscope Slide Box   25/Count, Yellow, cork, [Each] SKU S.MSB-25-YELLOW

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Microscope Slide Box

Unit of Measure: Case / Each

UnitOfMeasure Weight DimLength DimWidth DimHeight
Case 0 0 0 0
Each 0 0 0 0
Each 0 0 0 0
Each 0 0 0 0
Each 0 0 0 0

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Weight 1 lbs

Blue, cork, 25 -place, 25/Count, Green, cork, 25 Place, Cork, Red, 25/Count, White, cork, 25/Count, Yellow, cork