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Pro-Wipe® AP

Pro-Wipe® AP

Pro-Wipe® AP is an all-purpose industrial rayon/polyester nonwoven wiper.
Durable and
low-linting, Pro-Wipe® AP is tough enough to be a rag replacement and clean enough to be used
in a controlled manufacturing environment.

• 55% rayon / 50% polyester hydro-entangled nonwoven blend
• No binders or other chemical additives
• Silicone-free
• Smooth and soft with high strength and durability
• Lot numbers on each pack provide traceability

Product Name    Source Part No.          Style                Size        Sheets/Pack Packs/Case

Pro-Wipe® AP     PWAP12.24               Flat Pack 1         2x12”       (30x30cm) 100 24
Pro-Wipe® AP     PWAP.1213QF.20     Quarter Folded  12x13”      (30x33cm) 50 20
Pro-Wipe® AP     PWAP.PR0915.4       Perforated Roll   9x15”       (23x38cm) 250 4

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