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EcoClean® 35 & EcoClean® 60

EcoClean® 35 & EcoClean® 60

EcoClean® line of products is a new class of nonwoven materials that is 100% biodegradable and sustainable.
The EcoClean® wiper is composed of U.S. sourced cotton fibers and is manufactured by a proprietary process for low fiber release and high strength.
Unlike the traditional cotton
twill, it has low ionic traces and low fibers. EcoClean® is offered in quarter-folded and flat sheet formats.

• EcoClean® 35 has an apertured surface surface and is quarter-folded for enhanced wiping efficiency
• EcoClean® 60 is in a flat sheet format with heavier basis weight for enhanced absorbency
• Heat resistant
• Highly absorbent
• No binders or other additives
• Low ionic contamination
• Soft

Product Name    Source Part No.    Size    Sheets         Pack Packs/Case
EcoClean® 35      ECW35.0505.30     10x10” (1/4 folded)        100 30
EcoClean® 60      ECW60.0909.20     9x9”     (23x23cm)         300 20
EcoClean® 60      ECW60.1212.20     12x12” (30x30cm)         150 20

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