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Durx® 670

Durx® 670

Superior strength and absorbency make Durx® 670 an ideal choice for a general purpose wiper.
Manufactured without the use of binders or surfactants, ion levels and organic
extractables remain low.
Durx® 670 can be used for cleaning and maintenance in
laboratories, aerospace, defense electronics, food processing, computer assembly and semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device manufacturing.

• No binders or other chemical additives
• Smooth, highly absorbent and durable
• Low extractable levels and particle counts
• Chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions
• Autoclavable
• Economical

Product Name        Source Part No.   Size      Sheets          Pack Packs/Case
Durx® 670               DR670.0404.10      4x4”      (10x10cm)      1,200 10
Durx® 670               DR670.0404.40      4x4”      (10x10cm)         300 40
Durx® 670               DR670.0707.45      7x7”      (18x18cm)         300 45
Durx® 670               DR670.0909.20      9x9”      (23x23cm)         300 20
Durx® 670               DR670.1212.20      12x12”  (30x30cm)         150 20
Durx® 670               DR670.1818.10      18x18”  (46x46cm)         150 10

Gamma Wipe® 67   GW67.ST.25         12x12”   (30x30cm)      20 Shts/Pk, 5 Pks/Pckt, 25 Pks/Cs

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