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Custom Blended Paraffins for Histology

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Item Number: Superffin-Group
Our custom blended paraffins will support a one paraffin or two paraffin system for tissue embedding and infiltration.
These paraffins are manufactured so as not to leave a residue in your paraffin heating system or embedding center.
They work optimally with the smallest of samples to hard tissue samples.

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Superffin - Infiltration & Embedding Medium
Price: $72.00
Superffin - Infiltration & Embedding Medium
Superffin Infiltration & Embedding Medium is a custom blend of highly purified paraffin and plastic polymers mixed in a ratio balance optimal for infiltration and embedding. It can be used as a stand alone single paraffin. *Sturdy on the waterbath*
Superffin - Infiltration Medium
Price: $72.00
Superffin - Infiltration Medium
If you want to optimize your Infiltration with a 2 paraffin system this is the Infiltration Medium for you. Superffin Infiltration Medium is optimized for complete infiltration of tissue specimens.

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