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Item Number: CLK.0010
CelLock™ is the only standardized cell-block prep kit using proprietary reagents including CelLGel™ to produce paraffin embedded cell-blocks with consistant quality.

CelLock is scientifically proven to preserve 99.7% of the original specimen.

CelLock employs the use of proprietary reagents such as CelLGel
to ensure that the entire specimen is localized and contained in the cell-block.

CelLGel is specifically formulated to hold cell suspensions
and tiny tissue fragments together during the tissue processing
procedure. It works in conjunction with the proprietary filter
to localize the specimen in one spot within the cell-block. The
filter remains in the block as a visual cue to alert the technician
as to the exact location of the specimen.

Neither CelLGel nor the proprietary filter has any adverse effect on the microtome blade edge.

The advantages of using CelLock

Provides the surgical grossing team with a method in which 99.7% of the specimen is retained and preserved.

Simplifies the embedding and microtomy tasks to result in higher efficiency and reproducibility.

Provides the laboratory management team with a lower risk of losing cell-block specimens.

Provides the pathologist and clinician with a higher quality result.

Provides the patient with higher quality health care.

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